Kim Dzurinda

I am extremely passionate about the health, fitness and wellness field!! For more than 25 years, I have been an active member of the fitness industry.

From a young age, I was active in sports such as softball, tennis, golf and volleyball. However, I was never really in good shape. I could not run even a mile or do a sit up/push up without a struggle. During high school, I started to work out at a gym and introduced myself into what would be the start of a love for wellness.

I pursued a Bachelor's degree in Fitness Management and Nutrition, then proceeded to do some internships at Phase III Cardiac rehab and some gyms.

I then received a Personal Trainer certification along with a Barre/Boot Camp teaching certification. I have trained many different types of clients in a training facility and have also done in-house training. Furthermore, I have done virtual training especially after the Covid pandemic. I have also taught Barre, Boot Camp, Weight and Core classes at a recreation facility and virtually. Lastly, I created a number of videos which were placed in a company's library for their employees to access.

I am currently a Nutrition Coach whereby I set up and monitor clients' macros on a weekly basis.
Upon their onboarding session with me, I consult each client on a weekly basis both by video and live interactive sessions.

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