Information about Well Me Right

How it works

How Well Me Right Works

Well Me Right is an online platform and community that makes it easy to connect with vetted Wellness Experts on a variety of health-minded topics and get advice and support over a 1:1 private video call. Our platform vets and connects leading Wellness Experts with individual Well Me Right community members looking for personalized guidance and support.

For Members

Membership is 100% free. All you have to do is sign up and create a free Well Me Right account to become a member of our community. We all need a little help sometimes. Our experts are the best way to get qualified professional support for your wellness support needs. All experts are carefully vetted and reviewed by the Well Me Right team before being approved to list on the platform. We have a comprehensive review and assessment process to ensure experts are qualified to provide the services offered. Here are just a few of the ways Well Me Right experts can support you.
  • Selecting and identifying the best vitamins and supplement products for your health concerns
  • Assisting with your diet or weight loss goals to help you achieve success
  • Discussing nutritional gaps in your diet and ways to improve
  • Answer questions about the right products for your beauty or skincare routine
  • Discussing hormonal concerns and ways to use diet and nutrition to achieve balance
  • Recommendations on where to find the best health products and ingredients
  • Teach you how to make a new healthy meal or recipe
  • Consult with you on your wellness business idea or problem
  • Solve your fitness plateaus and get you back on track
  • Guide you on ways to reduce stress and achieve balance with mindfulness and meditation
  • Perfect your yoga routine and teach you new poses
  • Address and advise on concerns around intimacy sexual well-being
Our Wellness Experts are some of the best in their field and there is no limit to the ways in which they can offer support and guidance on our platform. Every day we see new and exciting offerings come to life on Well Me Right as our experts seek to find new and innovative ways to help members solve their most challenging wellness problems from the comfort of their homes.
 1. Find a session or expert
Search or browse by category or keyword to find a wellness session posted by one of our experts. If you find an expert you like you can click on their profile to see other sessions they might offer
2. Review session details
Review the specifics of the session, what you can expect from your meeting, the expert's profile and areas of expertise, reviews, questions, and comments from others Well Me Right members who have worked with the expert or evaluated the session. If you have questions you can post them on the session detail page. This is helpful because if you have a question, others likely do as well. You can also contact and reach out to your expert directly. 
3. Book and pay securely
Once you are ready to book your session you can select an available time slot from the scheduler and reserve your expert and pay securely on our platform. Note session prices are listed by one-hour blocks however some sessions may be advertised as shorter but the one-hour minimum rate would still apply. Please make note of the time zone your Wellness Expert is located in when scheduling you will need to adjust to your local time zone if it's not the same. Your expert will reach out ahead of your meeting and provide a video meeting access link for you to connect with. All payments are secure and held in escrow with us until after the meeting date to ensure you are satisfied with the expert's service. In the unlikely situation, your expert does provide the services promised or you are not 100% satisfied with your session we will gladly refund the money. 
4. Enjoy your session
Ahead of your session, your expert will reach out to provide a video conferencing link and confirm your meeting time. They may ask questions to help them prepare in advance. Feel free to share your specific goals and objectives for the session. We find this upfront communication allows for the best outcomes when the expert comes prepared in advance. Write down any specific questions or goals for your session so you can make sure you get them all covered with your expert. 
5. Review and renew
After your session you will have an opportunity to review your expert, this helps the community build trust and confidence and keeps our experts accountable for providing the best quality service. Many members will book follow on sessions with their experts, we encourage you to consider this as well as evaluate other experts who might be able to assist you with new and different perspectives or other wellness challenges you are having. Be sure to always book directly through our platform as that is the only way we can provide a secure transaction with quality service and satisfaction guarantees. Lastly, don't forget to tell your friends about us too.
Tips for booking on Well Me Right
  • Carefully review the session details and experts bio so you understand what the expert is offering
  • Only book and pay your expert through the platform to ensure a secure and quality guaranteed interaction
  • Ask questions on the session page or reach out to the Wellness Expert before booking
  • Come to your session prepared and share any objectives with your Expert ahead of time
  • If you need to reschedule your session please message through the community
Payment Security
Our secure platform ensures your money gets to the Wellness Expert and you receive the level of service you purchased, that’s why we ask you to always pay through Well Me Right and never wire money or pay someone directly. All credit card information sent to Well Me Right is encrypted using Transport Layer Security technology (TLS) and tokenized with our credit card processors. Well Me Right stores no sensitive credit card information, only tokens returned to us by our processors. You can also pay for many Sessions on Well Me Right using PayPal if the expert enables this. Generally, you must be in a country that supports PayPal and have a PayPal account to pay with PayPal.

FAQ For Members

We make it easy to book the best wellness experts and get 1:1 advice over a video consultation. (1) Discover an expert in our community and see if they have any times available. (2) Once you find a time that works for you, pay to book a session. (3) The expert will send you an invite with instructions to join them for a 1:1 video session at the specified time. Ask the expert questions and receive high-quality guidance.

Our experts can choose to offer sessions ranging from 15 minutes to several hours. Most experts offer between 15-60 minute sessions. The session rate is quoted at the one-hour minimum rate on the site but the actual session length will be based on the time listed on the session detail page.

It's amazing you can accomplish virtually! The expert will set the optimal time for the session to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

When an expert applies to our platform our team carefully reviews their credentials and background. We will assess publicly available information and often set up 1:1 conversations with the expert and our verification team to validate their credentials and training reflect what is on their bio. If we don't feel an expert has sufficient training, background, or expertise in their specialty we will not accept them onto the platform.

Yes! People from all over the world can have access to the best wellness experts. We currently accept all major credit cards in USD.

Experts list their timezone on the session detail page. When booking please make note of the expert's timezone if it is different than yours and adjust accordingly +/- to your local time. The session will be booked in the expert's timezone and you will need to adjust it to your local time on your end. 

We are working to make this automated in a future update. 

Many of our experts sell out when they add times. You can wait until they unlock more sessions or reach out to them to request a booking, you can request a booking by contacting them via the platform.

It depends on the specific expert. Some experts add sessions weekly and others add sessions monthly or as time permits for them.

You can reschedule calls at least 48 hours before the session. For any cancellations, or reschedules within 48 hours of the session it will be up to the expert's discretion whether to honor. Please reach out to your expert directly via the platform for a rescheduling request. Cancellations within 48 hours are non-refundable to respect our experts time. Some experts may just cancel the session and have you rebook to simplify the scheduling process.

You can ask them almost anything about their area of specialty, but we do kindly ask that you refrain from asking the experts for medical advice or about private matters. If you have specific medical questions, please see our terms of service and reach out to a doctor or medical professional in your area.

Yes! We're confident that you'll love your first session, but in the rare case that it did not meet your expectations, let us know and we'll get give you a full refund subject to our terms of service.

We automatically reserve 1% of profits for and contribute them directly to the cause.

Once you booked and paid for your session the expert will send you a calendar invitation with a meeting link to join at the specified time. The session will occur over Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet.

No, the session rates are set to default to one hour but some experts will offer shorter time periods. If the session is to be less than one hour then it will be listed on the session detail page. Please note the rate is not pro-rated and this is already factored into how the expert set their session fee. If you purchase multiple hour sessions then the time will be extended proportionally. We recommend you start with a single booking session or reach out the expert if you have questions before booking.

For Wellness Experts

Well Me Right is one of the fastest growing wellness support communities. Connect with our community members virtually, give them 1-on-1 advice and earn extra money. We seek to simplify wellness and healthy living by educating, supporting and inspiring one another to live healthier, fit, happier, and more fulfilled lives anchored in wellness. Our goal is to democratize access to wellness information and expertise by giving everyone access to you: the greatest minds, professionals, educators, and experts in wellness and healthy living.

Here are some of the benefits of joining our community:
  • Start earning without the headaches, we estimate Wellness Experts can earn as much as $100,000/year*. 
  • Set up a custom profile and bio page that features your areas of expertise, experience, and certifications any demonstrates your knowledge and domain authority. 
  • Post sessions on a variety of health topics that you are qualified to advise and support members. You can post as many sessions as you like, each session should be a unique area of focus.
  • Set your own price and availability. Start earning for your time and add sessions based on what works for you, with no minimum
  • Share your custom link with your audience and build your professional credentials. Feature your booking and profile page on your website, social media profiles, email signatures and anywhere your audience engages with you. 
  • Don't have an audience? No worries, individuals can discover you right on the platform and help you build or expand your audience at the same time.
  • We handle payments, and communication and help you raise awareness around your expertise. 
Well Me Right Wellness Experts are part of an elite community of carefully vetted and promoted wellness leaders. When you are accepted into the community people will know you know your stuff.

How To Get Started

1. Apply to join our invite-only expert community
First, create a standard member account on Well Me Right (this is necessary so we can upgrade your account to a an expert account later). Then click the link below to fill out a short application so we can learn more about you and make sure you have the necessary experience.

Once approved you will be able to post and promote your paid expert sessions on the platform. Expert validation and vetting is how we maintain quality and trust on Well Me Right. Please allow 2-3 business days for us to complete our review, we will reach out if we have any questions. We look forward to getting to know you better. 

2. Build out your profile bio and standout
Once our team approves your applications it's time to build out your profile and session content. Your profile is how users get to know more about you and your expertise. It's linked from all of your session pages. Add as much detail as you can that captures your experience, expertise and credentials. Do not put any personal contact information in your profile. Users should contact you through the platform to maintain trust and security. Also while not required adding your location to your profile adds a nice personal touch and helps users know where you are located and what time zone you are in.

3. Post sessions across applicable categories
Now it's time to post your paid sessions. Click the button in the top right to 'Post an Expert Listing'. Select which category your listing belongs in and set the meeting type to 'Book a Meeting'. Set a short title that explains what the session should be about and your first name to add a personal touch. Fill in the rest of the required information and a photo of yourself as the primary photo.

4. Set your availability
Once you've posted your listing there will be an option to 'Edit your availability'. Adjust what hours you are available for people to schedule this session with you for.

5. Add your payment details
Under your setting select the 'Payments' option. From there you can add either your bank account details or connect a PayPal account. Your funds will be automatically transferred to your selected payment source 7 days after the completion of your session.

5. Share with your audience 
Now it's time to drive some awareness. Promote your session on your blog, feature your booking and profile page on your website, social media profiles, email signatures and anywhere your audience engages with you. 

6. Confirm bookings and set up meetings
Once a session is booked please reach out to the member and send them a calendar invite with a video conferencing link and instructions to connect with you at the scheduled time. We recommend popular services like Zoom, Google Meet or MS Teams, all which have free services that can be used for your virtual meeting. 

7. Prepare to host your session
Prepare for your session, feel free to reach out in advance to see if the purchaser has any specific questions. Make sure you are in a location with reliable internet access, good lighting and no background noise. Professional appearance and presentation is important to a quality experience. 

8. Build recurring and repeat business
After your session you can might want to encourage your member to book a follow up session with you to check progress and see how they are doing with the wellness programs you may have discussed with them. This is a great way to build a recurring relationship and revenue stream and drive long term value with your customer. You might also suggest other relevant sessions you are offering for them to consider as well in the future. Be sure to always book and communicate through the platform to maintain safety, security and payment guarantees. 

9. Collect your money
7 days after the session your funds will be automatically distributed less applicable fees and commissions to your selected payment source. Nice work!
Tips for experts on Well Me Right

  • Add as much information and detail to your profile bio and session postings as you can. You can embed markup, images and video links for added features and to stand out. The more information you add about your background and what the buyer can expect the more likely you are to convert and acquire users.
  • Promote your sessions on your network and to your audience. If they already are engaged with you there is a good chance they will find value in your sessions and share with their network.
  • Create multiple sessions each with specific wellness objectives and goals. Highly focused sessions that have clear titles and descriptions convert best.
  • The more availability you can offer the better and more likely you are to get booked.
  • Be sure to reach out in advance to schedule the meeting and provide conferencing link details. 
  • Dress and look professional on video, make sure you are in a well lit area with not background noise and a reliable and tested internet connection. Make sure your background is professional or use a blur or virtual option as an alternative. Test your video conferencing equipment ahead of time.
  • Arrive early and be waiting a few minutes before your scheduled session is to begin.
  • Follow up with your member after to make sure they were fully satisfied and offer a follow up session or share details on another session you offer they might find value in. Repeat business is a great way to build your revenue stream.
  • Share your success with other experts who might benefit from joining our community and help us grow.
Fees, Payments and Disputes
Well Me Right charges a small annual fee of just $19.99/year and you can cancel any time if you aren't completely satisfied. The small fee comes back to you in added value as it mostly gets reinvested to help support the continued innovation of our platform so we can add more features for you to manage your services as well to support our marketing campaigns designed to bring new Members onto the platform to book your services. We only make money when our wellness experts are happy and believe in a fair pricing model. The only other fee is for paid bookings through our marketplace, we add a small 3.9% commission to cover standard payment processing costs. This includes all credit card processing fees and payment protections as well.

In the event that there is a credit card dispute, you are covered by our payment protection with our processors. We will review any satisfaction disputes on a case by case basis and determine if the session qualifies for a refund. 

*Estimated earning potential based on an average session fee of $100/hour and completing approximately 20 hour long sessions each week before any platform fees or commissions. Introductory session fee waiver will still include a 3%  pass through to cover processing fees from our payment providers. 
FAQs For Wellness Experts

We have some experts that sell out quickly and some that get a few bookings each month. Earning potential is based on how much time you put into designing, promoting, and the quality of your sessions and listings. Many experts book recurring sessions with their clients which is a great way to maximize earning potential. Well Me Right can be a great way to supplement your income and grow your brand or wellness business. Over time we believe committed experts could earn thousands of dollars a year on our platform and the earning potential is virtually uncapped..

You can add as many sessions as you'd like. There are no minimums or maximums. Like most things, you get out what you put into it. We have some experts that offer a few hours per week and others that offer 20+. You can control your calendar and availability for each listing.

By default, all sessions are 1 hour. Experts can choose to offer shorter sessions (we recommend at least 30 minutes) but the minimum 1-hour rate will be charged and this should be indicated on your listing and set accordingly when you send the meeting invite. Clients can book multiple-hour sessions which can be split up or hosted back to back.

This is totally up to you. We recommend charging the same hourly rate as you would for any other similar support bookings you might offer. We have experts who charge anywhere from $25 to $1000 per hour.

No. Just join the video call, listen to the caller's questions, and help them out. It's free form and does not require any work before or after the session. Experts are welcome to choose to ask the caller pre-session questions to better prepare for the consultation if you'd like.

Yes. We accept international members which allow people from all over the world to access wellness experts like yourself. All sessions should be conducted in English unless otherwise agreed.

Well Me Right charges a small annual fee of just $19.99/year and you can cancel any time if you aren't completely satisfied. The small fee comes back to you in added value as it mostly gets reinvested to help support the continued innovation of our platform so we can add more features for you to manage your services as well to support our marketing campaigns designed to bring new Members onto the platform to book your services. We only make money when our wellness experts are happy and believe in a fair pricing model. The only other fee is for paid bookings through our marketplace, we add a small 3.9% commission to cover standard payment processing costs. This includes all credit card processing fees and payment protections as well.

We review all applications individually, requirements vary by expertise specialty and topics to be covered. We recommend sharing any relevant background or certifications and validations that would help us gain confidence in your expertise in a functional area.

Yes, you can list single wellness sessions as well as packages and group sessions.

No, the meetings will automatically be booked during a time that you set up on your availability calendar. You will need to then setup a virtual call (Zoom, Meet, etc...) and send an invite to your member to facilitate the discussion. Free level meeting services should suffice for these meetings.

Community Guidelines

We take the safety of our community seriously, so our team will review all listings and remove any that violate our community rules (see below).

1. Respect all other members and do not send spam, offensive, or threatening messages, leave comments, or engage in any other form of offensive communication.

2. Only create listings for services you are qualified to offer. It is not permitted to list violent or non wellness related topics.

3. Try to answer all messages in a timely fashion. 
4. Well Me Right is a third-party marketplace and by using it, you must also comply with US laws, regulations, safety measures, and/or booking agreement(s) by listing owners that are applicable. 

5. We do not allow contact information or external links (URL's) on listings and/or in images that are added to listings.  This includes emails, websites, and phone numbers.

6. Members should refrain from asking the experts for medical advice or about private matters. Experts should refrain from providing any advice that could be considered as medical advice.

7. For the safety and security of our community, we do not allow contact information to be sent through our messaging prior to a confirmed booking. Sending messages containing your personal information, contact information, or taking transactions off our platform is against our policies and can result in being removed from our community. 

Please review our Terms of Service for a complete overview of our rules and requirements.

Well Me Right Happiness Guarantee

We've got you covered. Find value in your first expert session or get your money back. Experts will do their best to satisfy your expectations with your first session on the platform. If for any reason you aren't fully satisfied with your engagement contact our member services team and per our terms of service you will be refunded. Learn more >