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Unlimited listings only $19.99 / year +3.9% processing fee on paid bookings

Well Me Right Wellness Experts are part of an elite community of carefully vetted and promoted wellness leaders. When you are accepted into the community people will know you know your stuff. 

A truly unbeatable value!
Just one booked session can cover the annual fee

Well Me Right is one of the most affordable booking platforms and marketplaces for health coaches, wellness practitioners and holistic counselors! Comparable platforms can cost 10x as much! For less than $20 a year Well Me Right offers a complete booking platform that is SEO optimized and coupled with a premium discovery marketplace designed specifically to promote you to individuals seeking wellness advice and support.

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Do you have expertise in health & wellness and want to earn some extra money helping others? Earn extra income by providing guidance and support to your audience and our community of wellness-seeking members.

 Wellness Expert Benefits

Start Earning Extra Income Today

Earn extra income by providing guidance and support  to wellness-seeking members

Personalized Bio & Profile Feature Page

Get your own personalized profile landing page featuring your experience and service offerings

Featured Exposure & Promotion Opportunities

Your listings will be promoted featured placements and exposure  to introduce you to our community of Members

Exclusive Expert Status

Receive an official Wellness Expert badge you can promote on your website and link back to your profile page for direct bookings

Unlimited Session Listings

Create as many unique wellness session listings on topics of your expertise as you like

Competitive Fee Structure

Low flat rate annual fee gets you more features, services and exposure for less allowing you to earn more

Multiple Listing Types and Formats

List and prices your sessions as single sessions, pre-set packages or group sessions and add optional free discovery calls

Advanced Technology & Payment Platform

Leverage our state of the art wellness booking & promotions platform with secure payment process and seller protection services

Flexible Scheduling & Booking Options

Set your own price and availability. Start earning for your time and add sessions based on what works for you

Offer Free Discovery Calls For More Intros

Optional free discovery calls allow you to offer introductory sessions at no charge to potential members before they book your paid services

All this and more for one transparent price of $19.99 per year!
+3.9% processing fee on paid bookings

Share Our Mission

We seek to simplify wellness and healthy living by educating, supporting and inspiring one another to live healthier, fit, happier, and more fulfilled lives anchored in wellness. Our goal is to democratize access to wellness information and expertise by giving everyone access to the greatest minds, professionals, educators, and experts in wellness and healthy living.


Join Hundreds of Experts on Well Me Right
Sharing wellness knowledge can be incredibly rewarding

Stephanie - Fitness

Fitness Pros

Help individuals breakthrough their fitness roadblocks and achieve their performance goals

Mark - Diet & Nutrition

Dietitians & Nutritionists

Assist members identify quick wins to improve their diet, set achievable milestones and celebrate together  

Julie - Sleep

Health Coaches

Work one-on-one with individuals who want to improve their health and well-being


Help individuals breakthrough their fitness roadblocks and achieve their performance goals

Beauty Experts

Coach and support members with tips and guidance to help improve their skin and appearance

Meditation Teachers

Guide those who seek mental clarity with meditation, breathing and concentration for relaxation & mindfulness 

Also find  🌿 Herbalists    😵‍💫 Hypnotherapists    📍 Acupuncturists     🙆‍♂️ Reiki Masters    🧘‍♀️ Yogis    👩‍🏫 Emotional Therapists   ⚡️ Energy Healers    🧑‍🏫 Wellness Counselors    💄 Estheticians    🧴 Cosmetologists    👩‍🍼 Doulas    👩‍⚕️ Alternative Medicine Practitioners    🌌 Astrologists    👩‍🦰 Life Coaches    🧑‍⚕️ Nurses    🤰 Fertility Specialists    🍵 Ayurvedic Practitioners    🤲 Body Talk Practitioners    😮‍💨 Breathwork Therapists    💪 Chiropractors    🧘 Zen Masters    🏋️ Personal Trainers    😁 Emotion Code Practitioners    🧘‍♂️ Mindfulness Guides    🧎‍♀️ Pilates Instructors    🙏 Spiritual Leaders    🪷 TCM practitioners  and more...

Dozens of health and wellness modalities & services can be promoted on Well Me Right


A Feature Rich Booking Platform
Designed Specifically For Wellness Practitioners

Build your profile

Quickly build your profile & add listings

Apply to become an expert, once approved add a photo and short bio to complete your profile. You can then create as many unique expert sessions as you like on the topics you can assist members with. You can add single sessions, packages, or group session types to your listings.


Set your price & availability

Set a unique price and length for each session or package. Add your availability once to your profile and sessions can be booked based on what works for your schedule. Offer optional free discovery calls to help Members get to know you first. Add more sessions and adjust availability as needed. 

Set price and availability


Share with your audience

Share your listing link with your audience

Share your personal listings links on your website, social media profiles, blogs, email signatures and anywhere your audience engages with you making it seamless for your fans and followers to book 1:1 sessions with you. We will give you official badges and social media graphics to promote your sessions.  No audience? No problem, members can discover you right on the platform. Your sessions and bio are optimized for search engines to help aid discovery.


Connect with members using messaging

No more chasing down messages in multiple email accounts and text threads. You can set up email notifications and manage all of your scheduling communication in one convenient place.

Connect with member messaging


Schedule sessions

Schedule member sessions without hassle

Well Me Right takes the pain out of scheduling by allowing members to request booking time slots based on your pre-set availability. You get to approve all sessions first and If your availability changes you can use the convenient messaging feature to communicate. Share session links all in one place.


Get booked & give wellness advice virtually

Once you are booked, easily set up a secure high-def video call on the platform of your choosing. Collect feedback and share session reviews with other members so they can see how great you are!  

Get booked and give virtual wellness advice


Start earning

Build another income stream, start earning

Get paid for the value you are bringing to the world! Your knowledge helps others live healthier lives and you get paid too. The more you promote, the more you can earn. We will keep a small fee for payment processing, but the majority will go to you once the session is complete!

Unlimited listings only $19.99 / year +3.9% processing fee on paid bookings

Platform Comparison

Other platforms charge you hundreds of dollars a year + large commission percentages on your paid bookings. We give you all this and more for one low fixed fee of just $19.99 per year (+3.9% payment processing fee) with unlimited listings.

"I find incredible joy in helping others solve their most challenging wellness issues"


How it works for members


Find a expert

Discover and choose from our list of the top certified wellness experts in their field


Book a video call

Select a time that works for both you and your wellness expert’s schedule


Virtual consultation

Join a private 1-on-1 video meeting, ask questions, and get expert advice


How we help you succeed

Connect with members

Connect with Members
Members can easily search and discover your sessions on Well Me Right

Simple scheduling

Simple scheduling
Scheduling and availability tools make it simple to book a session and get started

Secure messaging

Secure messaging
Communicate with Members safe and securely to coordinate sessions and book follow-ups

Automatic payouts

Automatic payouts
Secure automatic payouts directly to your bank account insure you get paid



We Give Back With Every Booking

Well (Our) Planet Right

Every time you book a session you help make the planet healthier too. We donate 1% of profits to climate sustainability programs to help scale emerging carbon removal technologies.



Some frequently asked questions

How does this whole thing work?

People are looking for help and support with their wellness needs and experts are out there who can help them. Well Me Right is merely a way to connect the two sides and make sure experiences go well.

You'll get a Well Me Right profile including sessions you are ready to offer. It's your public signal that you're available for support and you'll see bookings come in shortly after.

How much can I make?

We have some experts that sell out quickly and some that get a few bookings each month. Earning potential is based on how much time you put into designing, promoting, and the quality of your sessions and listings. Many experts book recurring sessions with their clients which is a great way to maximize earning potential. Well Me Right can be a great way to supplement your income and grow your brand or wellness business. Over time we believe committed experts could earn thousands of dollars a year on our platform and the earning potential is virtually uncapped.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

You can add as many sessions as you'd like. There are no minimums or maximums. Like most things, you get out what you put into it. We have some experts that offer a few hours per week and others that offer 20+. You can control your calendar and availability for each listing.

Do I have to prepare for the sessions?

No. Just join the video call, listen to the caller's questions, and help them out. It's free form and does not require any work before or after the session. Experts are welcome to choose to ask the caller pre-session questions to better prepare for the consultation if you'd like.

How long are the sessions?

By default, all sessions are 1 hour. Experts can choose to offer shorter sessions (we recommend at least 30 minutes) but the minimum 1-hour rate will be charged and this should be indicated on your listing and set accordingly when you send the meeting invite. Clients can book multiple-hour sessions which can be split up or hosted back to back.

What credentials do I need to be accepted into the Expert program?

We review all applications individually, requirements vary by expertise specialty and topics to be covered. We recommend sharing any relevant background or certifications and validations that would help us gain confidence in your expertise in a functional area. 

Do I have to pay a subscription fee to join?

Well Me Right charges a small annual fee of just $19.99/year and you can cancel any time if you aren't completely satisfied. The small fee comes back to you in added value as it mostly gets reinvested to help support the continued innovation of our platform so we can add more features for you to manage your services as well to support our marketing campaigns designed to bring new Members onto the platform to book your services. We only make money when our wellness experts are happy and believe in a fair pricing model. The only other fee is for paid bookings through our marketplace, we add a small 3.9% commission to cover standard payment processing costs. This includes all credit card processing fees and payment protections as well.

How do you make money?

Well Me Right charges a small annual subscription fee of just $19.99/year. These proceeds are also mostly reinvested to help support the continued innovation and development of our platform so we can add more features for you to manage your services. We also use these proceeds to fund our marketing campaigns designed to bring new Members onto the platform to book your services. We truly only make money when our wellness experts are happy and believe in a fair pricing model.


Become part of the leading

 wellness expert community

Unlimited listings only $19.99 / year +3.9% processing fee on paid bookings


*Estimated earning potential based on an average session fee of $100/hour and completing approximately 20 hour long sessions each week before any platform fees.
†Testimonial content is simulated for representation of platform benefits and capabilities.