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Elena Leva is an ACE certified personal trainer and graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition Sciences from Drexel University. My undergraduate studies consist of a four year degree with accredited didactic courses in community, clinical and private based Nutrition. i have even done a semester of Medical school before realizing my true passion in preventative health with a goal of educating those about science and all of the misinformation, as well as ending diets. Along with my 8 years of personal training experience, I have trained in the art of mixed martial arts and Krav Maga self defense for 10 years and am a second degree black belt. She is specialized in Youth Fitness, weight management and Nutrition Counseling, as well as Kickboxing/ Self- Defense. She has experience creating agility programs for athletes and as a Strength and Conditioning coach for high school Squash. She works with clients with arthritis and back pain;creating low impact training, injury prevention and pain reduction. She works with kids as young as 6 in creating energized kickboxing/self defense, cardio and strength workouts to build confidence. She has also counseled college division one athletes in their nutritional needs, as well as individual 1:1 clients. I have created Nutrition programs for young athletes for weight gain, muscle gain and weight loss for athletic competition like wrestling. I have created weight loss programs for young women and those with PCOS and Diabetes to control blood sugar levels. I have worked under Clinical Dietitian at the University of Pennsylvania serving elderly patients and Oncology patients. I have gained cultural nutrition experience when I worked with a dietitian in Australia.
Elena’s training in MMA and her studies in Nutrition Science, along with her certification through ACE Personal Training has given her a background to help individuals reach their goals for optimal health.

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