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A Little About Me

My name is Scott Turcotte NASM-CPT,CNC and I co-own Balanced Health Wellness Consulting, LLC, a health and wellness small business operated out of beautiful Weare, NH. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach I'm passionate about helping my clients reach their personal fitness and weight loss goals. As a certified life coach I strive to motivate and provide my clients with a skill set that allows them to use their innate abilities to battle through obstacles and reach their personal and professional goals, or simply to make their daily living a little bit easier.

My Certifications

Certified Life Coach
Certified NH Educator

My Journey

Personal fitness and overall wellness has always been important to me. Growing up as a division 1 athlete and later a coach, I saw the value of a trained and healthy body and mind firsthand. My desire to help others lead me to the world of education as a middle school classroom teacher, where I not only helped students overcome obstacles on a daily basis, but also helped them cultivate a vast understanding of what it meant to work hard, collaborate and work efficiently with others and to never give up. Nothing made me happier than to see a student use abilities they weren't even aware they had to solve problems and reach a level of success they weren't sure they could.

Like many working Americans I eventually felt a need to shift my priorities. Personally, I felt a calling to help as many people as I could, far more than I could in a classroom. With more Americans falling ill and dying of obesity-related illnesses every year, I felt I had something to offer to my community in the world of health and fitness. So I created new goals for myself which lead me to pursue certifications as a fitness professional. Using my experience as a former athlete, coach and classroom teacher, I felt as though these combined experiences provided me with a skillset that I could use to do just that and help a wide range of individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

My Philosophy

I truly believe that we're all capable of achieving our goals. It may not always be easy, in fact, it likely won't be, but that's the point. Adversity, if handled right, builds mental and physical strength. It allows us to deal with stressful moments head on with the confidence that we can handle them. Part of our ability to handle these stressors has to do with our overall physical strength and mental well-being. I believe in a holistic, integrated approach to helping my clients get to where they want and need to be, which is why I believe so strongly in the mind-body connection. Eating right, getting plenty of physical activity (structured or non-structured), meditating, getting plenty of sleep and taking care of our well-being are just some of the things that will help us get there.

How My Clients Succeed

When I work with a client my mindset isn't "can they accomplish this?", but instead it's "HOW they CAN accomplish this?". By working with the belief that my clients can and will accomplish their goals from the outset instills that belief in my clients, which in turn increases their motivation to succeed. Every client is an individual, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, barriers, beliefs, etc...I work with clients to identify those strengths and weaknesses as well the barriers to whatever problem it is they're trying to navigate. Once their struggles are clear, together with the client, I then develop SMART goals and strategies that will allow them to achieve sustainable success.


  • Physical Fitness
  • Weight Loss
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Student Athletes (both on a fitness and academic level)
  • Emotional Health
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Executive Functioning
  • Time Management/Prioritization
  • Communication and more!

I look forward to helping you achieve your personal and professional health and wellness goals!

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