Putri Ojong

Welcome! Integrating health and wellness practices to our daily routine are essential to overall growth and vitality. From my experience working in various hospital settings for 10+ years as a psychotherapist and recreational therapist, I’ve come to learn that we are in continual life-death-rebirth cycles in our lives. What we do in our day-to-day rituals can serve as a bridge to actively learning from all the varying experiences we meet. We encounter many forms of transition in our daily lives and it is through the practice of these routines that can potentially help us be with and understand the changes taking place inside and outside of ourselves. In turn, we can expand our capacity to be in mindful and conscious relationship with whatever life offers.

Though challenges and struggles are inevitable, the most important thing to remember is that we choose how we let any experience influence us. It is valuable for us to shift our focus inwards and understand our inherent power and free will, so that we may welcome our internal and external experiences with more curiosity and learning.

It all begins within. The most precious gift you can give to yourself is the time to care for you. From there, it can also evolve the relationship you have with others and your surroundings. I hope I can support you through my offerings in your discovering the inherent insights, resources, and knowledge that emerge in our reverent space. It is an honor for me to share my experience and presence with you.

May we grow in awareness, love, peace, and wisdom as we share our time together.

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I feel very relaxed and calm after our session. I enjoyed the guided meditation, it helped me release my stress and negative emotions. I also enjoyed Putri's tarot card reading, it was meaningful and insightful. Putri has a warm, inviting energy that made me feel very comfortable.

I've always had a tough time meditating, even with guided audio and videos. I didn't know what to expect from a live guided meditation session, but I was determined to learn to destress through meditation. From the moment Putri started talking, I knew I was in the right hands. Her voice was perfect in guiding me through the meditation journey and helped me focus on my inner self. This experience has been truly great for me as a beginner meditator. I can't wait to take her other sessions.

I have never done meditation before. This was my first experience! Putri was extremely friendly, professional, and knowledgeable! I found the session to be extremely effective, and I truly zoned out of the stress and tension that are always plaguing me! She is excellent and I would highly recommend her if anyone is looking for help in adding calm and relaxation in your lives!