Melisa Glover

Melisa knows first hand, what it is like and means to struggle with breastfeeding. Melisa has four amazing children and out of her four children, she only actually breastfed two of them. She much like other mothers was told how easy breastfeeding was, but with her oldest in 2004 no one else told or helped her figure out how to even get that baby to latch. In 2007, she had her second child and was wanting to give breastfeeding a go again. Unfortunately that “easy part” didn’t come so easy for her and her new baby. She struggled with latch issues, weight gain (for the baby), pain, and supply concerns (which is absolutely common for the majority of moms out there). Again with no support in sight, she completed six weeks of breastfeeding before switching to formula. Her third child was born in 2014 and she was determined to breastfeed this child, with or without the help of support. She studied and learned as much as she could, but it did nothing to prepare her for those issues of latch, weight, pain, and supply. She fought through all of these on her own and did end up reaching her goal of breastfeeding for 1 year, eventually weaning at the age of 2. Then in 2018, when her youngest was born, even after all her training, she again encountered struggles of breastfeeding. These experiences alone have concreted her decision that she was going to be that support for other mommies and families. To let them know that the way they feel and their concerns are real. She wanted to make sure that all families regards are able to afford lactation care and still get high quality support.

Melisa also knows first hand how hard it can be to ensure you are eating properly to help grow you baby. Not only the worry of eating properly but the idea of weight you have to gain to properly grow your baby. She also understands the frustrations that can come after baby is born and trying to make sure you eat enough to maintain a supply if you choose to breastfeed. Or making sure your body is fueled to keep up with the demands of a new baby and or your older children. Most of all, how frustrating it can be to try and get back to a space where you feel good about yourself. She is here to listen and support you, so that you can get back to being YOU!

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