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As a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Certified Health Educator Specialist, I specialize in evidence-based lifestyle behavior changes aimed at preventing, reversing, or managing chronic illnesses like hypertension, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes Type 2, diabetes, ADHD, anxiety, and more. Additionally, I work with people on individual challenges and overcoming barriers for personal growth, on multiple levels, addressing the lifestyle pillars of health: nutrition, exercise, stress management, social health, spiritual health (if applicable), and sleep. This is whole person care.

My approach is highly personalized. No two people will have the same goals or outcome. I work with you to intrinsically motivate and inspire you by setting goals and creating an action plan that align with your lifestyle, for sustainable change. We alter goals throughout process, until we find what works best for you, in your life. My sessions are non-judgement and confidential, with respect for each individual and their own circumstances and unique challenges. This isn't about quick fixes or diets; it's about real lifestyle shifts that work when you're committed to your health journey. I'm dedicated to enhancing your quality of life and believe that all behavioral change starts in the mind. when you are ready. I have seen amazing results with this process and I'm excited to start this journey with you. I will support you and help you with accountability. I will go above and beyond to help you, in any way that I can.

Master in Public Health, Health Education and Health and Wellness Coaching with certifications: National Board Heath and Wellness Coaching (NBC-HWC), Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), Lifestyle Medicine Certification LMC , accredited by ACLM, DPP Lifestyle Diabetes Prevention Program, CDC, and CBT (Cognitive Behavior Change) life coach certification.

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