Kelly Slovin MS, RD

As a dietitian, my goal is to help people feel their best, both physically and mentally. I take an all foods fit approach and believe a healthy relationship to food is the key to health and wellness. I specialize in sports nutrition and women's health. So if whether you're looking to crush your next race, or heal your relationship with food to become a stronger athlete, I'm here for you!

I myself grew up swimming competitively, and then discovered my passion for running in college and ran the Chicago marathon! Now I enjoy spin classes, recreational running and hope to run a triathlon in the near future! As a teen, I dealt with amenorrhea (period loss) and discovered how too much of a good thing can be harmful (I'm talking to you, diet culture). All this to say, I've been there! I get how hard it can be to ignore the noise of diet culture and eat properly to fuel your body. I got my Masters in Nutrition so I could help YOU avoid the same mistakes I made, or help guide you through them if you're already in the thick of it. Let's work together!

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