Elena Turianskaia

Hi,my name is Elena and my mission is to help people improve their physical and mental health and heat their personal goals!

By the way, I am available for free discovery sessions and you can contact me for scheduling an intro call.

I am ISSA Certified as a Yoga Instructor,Personal Training and Nutritionist.

I’m the most positive and inspiring Personal Trainer you’ve ever met and I really love to share it with people making them happier after each session. I’m very cautious about the correct postures and issues people have during the session. I provide good advice about right feeling during an exercise to make sure you have the maximum result of my session and get you to your goals in a much faster way .

My go-to workout:
Power Yoga and Barre

Healthy food I love:
All vegetables, nuts, salmon , seeds, fruits and seafood

My motto:
“ When you feel like quitting, think about why you started !”

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