April Pelkey

With a 3-year background in behavioral intervention, I am effective at coaching behavior change. Additionally, I hold a Master's degree in Nutrition Science and a Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Integrative and Functional Nutrition, providing me with knowledge about physiology, psychology, and biochemistry related to eating and eating habits.

My food philosophy is rooted in celebrating cultural and culinary diversity, placing importance on both enjoyment and nourishment. I'm dedicated to fostering harmonious connections with ourselves, our surroundings, and the people in our lives. Through this approach, my goal is to create a holistic experience that nurtures both the mind and body, shaping a unique journey towards personalized health and wellness.

I firmly believe that achieving health and wellness goals involves a multitude of factors, including food, movement, sleep quality, stress management, hydration, and gut health. My approach prioritizes addressing root causes over just managing symptoms to ensure comprehensive client care.

Clients collaborating with me can anticipate a personalized health approach and dedicated commitment. Through teamwork, the strategy emphasizes evidence-based sustainable changes, recognizing the unique nature of individuals' health goals and understanding that these goals may evolve through different seasons of health.

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April was informative and listened well. She addressed my concerns in a positive manner and gave me nutritional information that will help in reaching the goals she worked with me to set.

Debby Pelkey about listing Nutrition Coaching With April 1 month ago.