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I am a Holistic Health Coach, Reiki and Meditation Practitioner. My mission is to give midlife women the tools necessary to transition into this wonderful time of life easily and effortlessly so they can continue to live long, healthy, happy productive lives for many years to come. I help women to stay healthy through many different healing modalities besides just the food on the plate. Health is Holistic and we get to the root cause instead of putting a band aid on our symptoms. If my clients are open to receiving a Reiki healing and Meditation, I will incorporate both into the health coaching sessions.

I became very passionate about helping midlife women when my own journey began in midlife. When I reached my mid 40’s I was gaining weight especially around my waist and belly.
I began trying all the fad diets to lose weight, and I would lose, but felt crappy. Around the same time that my waist measurements were increasing, I began getting migraine headaches. I would get what is called the Aura which is a flashing light from my right eye that would last bout 30 minutes. Soon after the flashing light would disappear, I would get a massive headache that would literally take my breath away.

Coupled with migraines, and the weight gain also came extreme exhaustion. I would drag myself out of bed every morning to go to work. My head was cloudy and I couldn’t think straight and had a hard time remembering. I had extreme aches and pains and frozen shoulder. Doctors were not giving me the answers I was looking for.

I was being told that it was normal for a woman my age to be gaining weight, feel tired, get headaches and have forgetfulness. It’s part of the aging process. Those were not acceptable answers for me so I set out to figure out what was wrong with me and what I could do about it.
That’s when I went all in with health and wellness, and started thinking about my whole body. I began reading many books, and researching doctors, particularly Functional Medicine Doctors. Luckily for me, I finally found a wonderful doctor who helped me tremendously and diagnosed me away as having Celiac Disease, as well as Hashimoto’s Disease.

At that point my doctor put me on thyroid medication and the rest of the healing process in my own hands by educating me on what I needed to do to heal. And I did just that, and that’s what I wish to do for other women. There is so much that we can do on our own to improve our health and that is what I am most passionate about. There are many ways to feel better, and I want to share them with you.

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