Patricia Whatley

Hi, I am Patsy, a certified National Board Health and Wellness Coach, a certified Master Health Coach and a certified Holistic health Coach

I help clients:
• lose weight
•. eliminate brain fog (think clearly!)
• gain energy
•. feel confident in your appearance

I became aware of the preciousness of health at an early age, because four of my five siblings developed Type 1 Diabetes.

I ate the Standard American Diet (SAD) most of my life. As a young adult I didn’t exercise regularly. In my early thirties I developed migraine headaches. A headache specialist prescribed medication that he promised was completely “safe.” (A couple of years later the medication was taken off the market because it caused heart attacks!) Then in 1998 I got my act together with a more holistic approach. Yoga was my “gateway drug” into regular exercise. The gentle structure and community aspect appealed to me. Happily, the migraines diminished, and I felt better overall.

I took a deep dive into health when my then 12 year old son—who had been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome—made a plea for help. His emotions were all over the map, and he had issues with fatigue. We visited a functional medicine doctor. The experience was life-changing for my whole family. This holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle – that I’ve continued to study and practice for more than twenty years – dramatically improved the quality of my son’s life. I couldn’t overstate how profoundly this affected me as a mother.

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