Milan Vee

I am a certified breathwork and meditation teacher, author, speaker and holistic wellness practitioner and facilitator. I was born and raised in Novi Sad, Serbia, Europe. Through my education, I had some experience with yoga and meditation. After graduating from college, I moved to the USA, and ever since, I started developing my own style of holistic health practices: breathwork, meditation, yoga and other forms of physical and intuitive practices, while serving/bartending at restaurants was my main source of income. This made me undergo a radical transformation, which is easily seen on my before and after photo on my website’s “About Me” page (also see testimonial videos on my website). My way of life is studying and practicing the interconnectedness of science and spirituality. I help people with a wide range of challenges: from physical to spiritual. The solutions to all of our problems come from being our authentic self, and freely expressing this. I help people remove inner obstacles so they can embody authenticity. This is my purpose! There is no “proper” or idealistic way of living life: each of us has to find his or her own genuine path that just feels right! I volunteered at a local women’s and children’s shelter (Lotus House). More info on my website:

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