Ultimate Assist Coaching

I am a Relationship Coach & Breathwork Facilitator. My husband and I are the owners of Ultimate Assist Coaching and teach clients how to get "LIT" which stands for love, intimacy, and trust. Due to the challenges that I have faced in my own life, I am extremely passionate about assisting solution-oriented couples and individuals on their personal growth journey to transform their lives by doing the deep, inner work required through the power of coaching.

I am also equally passionate about somatic healing. Our bodies have a conscious of its own so mental reconditioning is only one part. We have to have those same shifts and ahas in the body. "We have issues in our tissues", and Breathwork is a powerful modality for going beyond mental resistance and healing on a cellular level. It is wonderful for releasing trauma and stored emotions from the body, for spiritual awakening, manifesting from a place of being and embodying your vision board, releasing feel good chemicals and reducing cortisol, as well as training your nervous system for self-regulate in real time.

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