Janine M.

Hello! I am a mom, an educator, and a wellness coach. My years of dedication to my own fitness and nutrition goals, love of the outdoors and desire to be a lifelong learner has motivated me to teach, inspire, help and motivate people to take the steps necessary to a healthy mind and body. I would like to help people be the best possible versions of themselves.

I am currently an educator and have had many years teaching, supporting and coaching students. I coach my students by working with them to create goals, objectives and strategies to reach their goals.

With my experience as a Strength Training Fitness Leader and my many years of teaching, I can successfully assist people in becoming healthier and happier as they get older. Being able to adjust and customize programs to suit individual needs, is an important aspect of teaching and coaching.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and have done post graduate work in Self-Regulation and Inclusive Education strategies. These areas of behavioural sciences add to my ability to assist and guide people with behaviour change and in the creation of healthy habits using daily strategies.

As a Precision Nutrition Coach I have learned about the science of nutrition. More importantly, my training as a Nutrition Coach allows me to guide individuals toward sustainable, long-term improvements in their health and well-being through personalized nutrition strategies and lifestyle changes.

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