The Positive Health Coach

I see so many women in midlife and older struggling to adjust to health changes. They are endlessly searching the internet for the answers to things they can’t control, rather than taking control of what they can improve.

I know first-hand that you’re tired of being tired, living with excess weight, chronic pain, and the constant feeling of not being “healthy” by society's standards. Throw in any other health complications like surgeries, medications, or chronic illness, it seems easier to hide under the covers and struggle silently.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m Janice Naimy, a National Board Certified Health Coach and I help women take back their health. It’s about exercise, proper eating, and better sleep, but to maintain those habits starts with a positive mindset.

For 20-plus years, I have been helping people from 40 to 90 regain strength and flexibility and improve their health.

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