Hannah Futrell

I'm a wife to Jake, dog mom to Sage, lover of Jesus, crossfitter, enneagram 4, old soul, and Certified Functional Health Coach through Dr. Axe and The Health Institute!! The past few years of health and life events have led me to a deep passion for holistic health and wellness, not only in my own life and family but in helping others become healthier (body + mind + spirit)!!

I’m confident that everything I’ve been through and learned has not only been for my benefit but for the benefit of so many others, from my decade-long struggle with acne to the fertility journey my husband and I have been on for a few years. In the process of dealing with these issues that felt so big, I have discovered so many benefits of full-body health including increased energy, a happier gut, deeper sleep, muscle gain (y'all know that doesn't come easy for me), way fewer headaches, hardly any seasonal allergies and a mind almost completely free of fear and anxiety.

While tackling the bigger health picture, I found a passion for curating a healthy home, making my body (the Temple of the Holy Spirit!) the best it can be, and helping others (YOU!) do the same.

I offer 1:1 coaching sessions for women for the common issues they face (gut issues, hormonal imbalance, stress, adrenal fatigue, immune health, etc) + support for families.

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