Claudia Cometa

I am a clinical pharmacist by training and profession. I worked 12-13 hour days for many years, often alongside a second job. My body was exhausted, my mind was overworked yet unfulfilled, and my soul was crying out for attention. After over a decade and a half of feeling unwell and burnt out, I decided to start working on my inner wellness. Meditation and deep spiritual practices became a significant part of my life.

After helping my dad during his year-long struggle with lymphoma, I made significant changes in my career and opened a patient advocacy company to help others as I helped him. I also became certified as a meditation instructor and have since led meditation-centered retreats in both beach and mountain settings, hosted youth summer meditation sessions, and helped open the door to this important practice for countless others.

It's now my passion to share meditation - no matter what your experience or comfort level! This practice is not about perfection. It's simply about bringing our awareness back to the present moment, allowing our thoughts to come and go, and ultimately realizing we are not our thoughts. This practice is powerful and it's my honor to share this space with you.

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