Betsy Bootcamp

Betsy McNally Laouar is a leader in the fitness and nutrition industry with over 25 years coaching fitness, nutrition and positive body image to gymnasts, athletes, moms, perimenopausal women and the general population. She is a certified personal trainer through the NSCA and has a lifelong certification in Sports and Functional Nutrition from Chicago State University. Betsy will coach and motivate you through basic to advanced training and nutrition, whether you are an athlete or someone who just needs motivation, inspiration, self esteem work and nutritional education and support. Betsy has worked extensively with Olympic and elite level gymnasts, dancers and cheerleaders, ex athletes and perimenopausal women as they go through body changes. She is an inspiration to all as a special needs mom as well. If you want a little tough love and motivation with empathy and understanding, Betsy is your girl!

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