Ian Starr


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Briefly, up front, my areas of expertise and interest:

Ancestral Health
Principles of Nutrition
Optimizing Sleep Hygiene
Executive Health and Wellness Consulting
Corporate Seminars on Creating Functional Health
Mental Health and Psychological Well Being
Fundamental Patterns of Human Movement/Principles of Strength Training
Kettlebell Work
Barbell Training
Custom Training Programs

I've been in health and wellness for about 17 years now. In 2008 I started one of the first functional fitness gyms in the SW Denver area. My original passion was physicality. Strength and conditioning, martial arts and other pursuits. After a few years of running a gym I began to see that the foundation of physical performance/function rests upon a robust and healthy physiology.

Many of my clients at the time loved to train hard but had no practice or habits of their own around creating a complete version of health. Many struggled with chronic issues and had no understanding of basic principles of nutrition or many of the therapeutic and supportive practices many of us are well familiar with now. I include myself in that description. But as the owner and head coach and being the curious type, I began to investigate a more complete vision of health and wellness.

Early mentors and teachers included Robb Wolf, James Fitzgerald, Mark Sisson, Mat Lalonde and others. Later some of the new school health and wellness stars like Peter Attia, Dom D'Agostino, Rhonda Patrick etc.

I went on to complete James Fitzgerald's/OPEX Fitness' Level 1 Coach work. That was the most comprehensive coaching curriculum I had ever experienced. I learned just how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to coaching and what it really meant to be a good coach. To this day I believe James is one of the brightest minds in the world of fitness and health. Perhaps the most progressive in many ways.

Later I obtained my Primal Health Coach certification with Mark Sisson's organization. That curriculum is primarily based around the concepts of ancestral health which I had begun to learn about some years prior through Robb Wolf's work.

Additionally I hold a coaching certification through NASM as a CPT.

For a number of years I consulted for a large automotive company, working to improve the health and habits of their executives as well as working with the rank and file, giving presentations etc.

Ultimately the ancestral health model has become the basis of the way I view human health and well being. Which is simply to acknowledge that human biology and physiology doesn't just float untethered in space. It sits on top of human evolution. Therefore that's where we search for a great deal of the answers concerning questions around optimizing human physiology and well being.

I look forward to bringing some wonderful content to the users of this platform. If you have some unique or custom interests please don't hesitate to reach out!



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