Terri Turner

As a former professional athlete, I know that nothing is more discouraging than being held back from your best performance due to lack of confidence and motivation, distracting thoughts, or unexpected obstacles and setbacks. I am a certified Mental Performance Consultant and help individuals of all professions, ages, and levels develop mental training skills to maximize performance and reach their fullest potential. I have been working in the health and wellness industry for almost 20 years with a Master’s degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion, a post-graduate certificate in Sport Psychology, and several additional certificates to include Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Expert, and Youth Fitness Specialists. I help all clients choose and maintain a positive attitude, increase confidence, maintain a high level of self-motivation, set high and realistic goals, manage anxiety, regulate emotions, use mental imagery, and maintain focus. I take a holistic approach to performance and look at all aspects of the individual to help them overcome barriers that are inhibiting them from reaching their fullest potential. I want you to learn how to succeed and live a fulfilling life, regardless of what hurdles you may be facing. By offering an evidence based practice, I will be here to offer help and education to assist you in reaching your next level, whatever your field may be. Sport psychology is for anyone looking to learn tools on how to reach their fullest potential, not just athletes!

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