Jarom Stubbs

Life is pure, simple, and straight forward. It is filled with love, peace, harmony, and perfect balance. However, we often exhibit a tendency to confuse ourselves, to step in the way of life, blocking its guiding influence. We find ourselves out of balance with nature, ourselves, each other, and with divinity. If we can learn to flow with life again, rather than become the blockade, we start to flow into abundance, joy, happiness, and healing.

My goal at wellmeright, is to help your recognize your potential as a self-healer and to assist you in removing the blocks preventing you from living a full life. To Heal does not mean to fix something that is broken! Healing is simply moving from a base state of consciousness (where you are now) to one that is higher and more pure.

My passions, and the modalities that I use to assist you in your healing journey, include mindfulness and meditation practices, reiki energy healing, yoga nidra, breath-work, chakra balancing, and neoshamanism.

I wish you the best in your journey. If you are called to work with me, don't hesitate to reach out. Much peace!
Jarom Stubbs

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