Sarenda Powers

My journey to becoming a health coach started when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in my late twenties. At the time, I felt lost and overwhelmed; my husband and I had yet to have a child, and I feared now it would be too late. I was unsure of how to manage my symptoms and maintain my health during treatment and terrified of the outcome.

It wasn't until I discovered holistic health and wellness practices that I began to see real improvements in my health. I started experimenting with different approaches, like yoga, meditation, and a whole-food diet, and slowly but surely, I began to feel better.

Through my journey, I realized the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellness. It's not just about managing symptoms but about caring for yourself on all levels – mind, body, and spirit.

As a health coach, my passion lies in assisting others in achieving their health goals. My own experience with chronic illness has given me a unique perspective on coaching. Everyone has the potential to heal and thrive, and my commitment is to help my clients achieve their health and wellness goals using a holistic approach, patient-centered care, empathy, and compassion.

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