Rosetta Qadhi

Dr. Rosetta Qadhi is a self-made businesswoman who defied the odds growing up, taking it upon herself to change her circumstances through the power of her mind. She created her life's blueprint in her mind first and took the steps she needed to Redesign the life she imagined into reality.

Rosetta is the CEO of the Think Grow Rich Caribbean Institute & Mirror Mirror Organization, Life Redesigned Mindset Coach, Clinical Psycho-Hypnotherapeutic Counsellor, Brainspotting Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Author, and inspirational speaker.

Rosetta is known to be a person to admire by her friends, family and everyone who meets her. This is because she excels in strength, determination, vigour, and kindness. She has overcome many challenges, all of which have helped to mould her into the woman she is today.

Rosetta's down-to-earth personality makes people feel safe, compelling audiences to laugh & share while they learn. From the moment she walked on stage, she engaged groups, leaving them with empowering tools and focused mindsets that they would use long after the lights had gone out.

Rosetta guides her clients through hypnosis by utilizing their minds to help reduce or alleviate various issues, such as fears, phobias, and unhealthy or dangerous habits that keep them back from being the best version of themselves.

She reprograms the subconscious mind when the client is in a heightened state, creating positive changes much faster.

As a life coach at Life Redesigned, Rosetta has helped people worldwide change their lives for the better. Rosetta helps individuals clarify their goals, identify the obstacles holding them back, and develop strategies for overcoming each barrier.

In creating these strategies, she targets their unique skills and gifts. Helping her clients make the most of their strengths and providing the support they need to achieve long-lasting change.

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