Robert Baggett, M. Dip. Ac., CLC

Cultivate: a coaching practice in growth & wellbeing.

Cultivate is about your personal journey. Your personal development. Your growth in health, career and community. This is about figuring out where to be when it doesn’t seem obvious. Digging in and surfacing your vision. Navigating personal and career transitions that take you down an uncomfortably comfortable path.

My lifework: To support you in navigating life transitions, career evolution and personal-life changes while building longterm, healthy habits for cultivating your own growth and wellbeing.

About Robert:

Curious, collaborative, empathetic, experimental and rigorous — traits and skills I’ve been honing since day one of my 25+ year career.

Just like you, I’ve found myself in places and times of transition. Over the last five years, while continuing to work as a creative director and brand strategist, I embarked on a journey to reimagine how I could be of service to others. I took a passion and interest in alternative health modalities and began my journey toward becoming a classical Chinese medicine practitioner. Additionally, while studying the philosophical foundations of eastern culture and medicine, I completed my certification to become a life coach.

My thought: take the expertise developed over 25+ years of business success, integrate the foundations and philosophies of eastern medicine and pair it with the practical nature of coaching. It makes for a balanced, collaborative, supportive approach to helping people along their path toward contentment.

Once that idea become clear, Cultivate took root; and the journey to help others through discovery and evolution began.

Are you in that place?

Are you experiencing a shift in your reality?

A life transition?

I would be honored to be part of your journey. Let’s sit, have some coffee or tea and discuss what’s next. Contact me for a free 15 minute chat to see how we can help move you forward.

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