Michele Walter

GenX Reinvented: Finding Purpose and Meaning in Your 40s and 50s

It's time for the lost sandwich generation to find their true selves and create an empowered path forward.

If you've spent the first part of your life:

  • building your successful professional career
  • ignoring those little whispers
  • accumulating all of the things that you're "supposed to"
  • hiding away the parts of you that society told you were inappropriate or unacceptable
  • trying to meet everyone else's expectations,

then you are not alone.

If this has started to take a toll on you, then you may notice that you feel:

  • resentful
  • unfulfilled
  • lost
  • restless
  • trapped in your successful life

If so, then consider this your invitation to:

  • reconnect to who you really are and what's deeply important to you
  • tap into a new sense of freedom, and
  • create a more empowered path forward.

About Michele

Michele Walter is a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. She and her company, Life From The Summit [www.lifefromthesummit.com] are your trusted guide on this journey through your 40s and 50s. Michele's no-nonsense, compassionate, and trauma-informed approach, mixed with a GenX spirit, helps you reclaim your lost self, reignite freedom, and find a new path forward. Together we will find the certified coaching strategies and mindfulness meditation practices to support you on your new path forward.

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