Michael Paone

Hi! I'm a certified professional coach (ICF - ACC) with 285 coaching hours. I'm also a NYC studio-trained actor and screenwriter. I combine the ontological/transformational underpinnings of coaching with the emotional access, communication and self-expression that actors and performers learn, to help people come more fully alive for themselves and in their relationships. I also have over 10 years practice in meditation (mostly vipassana/awareness of body sensations) and various breathing exercises. I love to mix these to create transformation.

My favorite thing to do with people, for example, is a "Completion Process", where they can get complete with anything from their past - a relationship, any regret, resentment, overwhelming experience, etc. - and create complete space around it. This takes a mix of ontological looking, mindfulness, and self-expression/visualization (declaring a new inspiring future).

My other favorite is a "Being-With" practice - where I teach people to learn to be present and experience, and through a series of eye-contact, breathing, expressing what is happening in the moment, they experience actual connection and love/affinity with another human being, removing whatever is in the way. This can have a dramatic impact on how they experience love, ease, connection in their relationships.

We discover this and then practice it in an ongoing consistent way. so their relationships are just filled with love, no matter what the circumstances, they generate and create the presence of what they want, instead of waiting around years for it to just happen.

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