Tools For Transformation

~ Beauty ~Freedom~Growth~
"I am a student and teacher of Universal Truth, and shine the light around the Globe" ENFJ. I love this quote! I am here to study and teach. For 30 years I have studied, learned, grown, and shared, in all areas of Transformation.
"In order to heal the planet we must begin with ourselves" Our energy state is our highest resource, and knowing how when, and why you choose is an instant upgrade to your life. Change is as effortless as our breath. If change is what you truly want. :)

I experienced the usual trials and tribulations along the way. Overdoing everything, from food, to exercise, to "having too much fun" I experienced the loss/tragedy/death of family, fiance, best friends, cancer, etc. I learned that a powerful aspect of disease is energy, perception, and spirit.
. At 29 years young I could barely walk. The back pain was agonizing. For "no reason" I was in excruciating pain. The pain brought me to my knees and The real fun began. The people I meet, the Teachers, Doctors, Leaders, Mentors, Shamans, The travel.. This is an amazing life and what makes it sacred is the opportunity to connect and share with others.
Oh, and the pain? I run marathons, paddle outrigger canoes, Pole dance, Aerial yoga, Pilates, and more. ~ Beauty ~Freedom~Growth~ Let's discover, Transform, and Awaken to Your greatest version!

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