Breaking Free: Healing ADHD With Mindfulness With Kenra

ADHD is a disconnection from our true selves, Mindfulness helps us reconnect. Learn how to stop running from yourself and start your journey back to your true authentic self!

Dive into a transformative journey with "Breaking Free: Healing ADHD With Mindfulness", a comprehensive 6-session coaching package designed to reshape your understanding of ADHD and guide you toward self-healing and liberation.

Why Choose This Package?

This coaching program is built on the philosophy of reconnecting with oneself and one's feelings as the key to healing ADHD. By viewing ADHD not as a disorder but as a series of maladaptive coping strategies developed in response to fear, the program aims to guide you in facing and healing your fear, breaking free from these coping mechanisms, and living a life of mindfulness and self-connection.

Who Should Enroll?

This coaching package is for anyone diagnosed with ADHD or those seeking to understand and manage their hyperactive and inattentive symptoms. It's also perfect for parents, educators, and friends of those with ADHD looking for effective, empathetic ways to support their loved ones.

Your Coach:

As someone who has personally healed from ADHD and has helped my children and many others do the same, I bring a unique and empathetic perspective to this journey. I understand the fear, the running, and the survival mode that comes with ADHD. I've faced it, felt it, and found freedom from it, and I'm committed to guiding you through your own healing journey.

Expected Transformation:

By the end of the coaching package, you can expect to transition from a state of constant fear to one of acceptance and love, replacing the need to run from your feelings with the ability to embrace them. This process of self-discovery and healing will empower you to break free from the chains of ADHD coping mechanisms. As you reconnect with yourself, you'll also find your connection with the world around you deepening, leading to a life of greater presence, mindfulness, and joy.

☆ Offers Free Discovery Call: Yes, contact me to book a free 15-minute intro session
Session Type: Package of Wellness Sessions
Quantity of Sessions Included (for packages): 6
Price Per Session $: 83
Session Length (in minutes) : 50
Booking Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST) [GMT -5:00]
What to expect in a meeting: Session 1: "Understanding ADHD: Unraveling Maladaptive Coping Strategies" In the first session, we begin by understanding ADHD as a set of maladaptive coping strategies that arise from deep-rooted fear and anxiety. We'll investigate these coping mechanisms, their origins, and their impacts. Session 2: "Identifying the Fear: Unpacking the Roots of ADHD" This session is about identifying and acknowledging the underlying fears that trigger your ADHD symptoms. We'll work on becoming comfortable with our fears and preparing ourselves to face them head-on. Session 3: "Facing the Fear: Emotional Exploration for Self-Healing" Here, we dive into the process of facing our fears, working through them, and beginning the healing journey. We'll explore techniques to help you confront these fears, understand them, and lessen their grip on your life. Session 4: "Feel to Heal: Embracing Emotions and Inner Self" This session is dedicated to embracing our emotions and reconnecting with our inner self. We'll focus on feeling our feelings instead of running from them and cultivate a compassionate understanding of our inner experiences. Session 5: "Transformative Coping: Developing Healthy Strategies" In session five, we move towards creating new, healthier coping strategies. We'll develop tools and techniques that allow you to navigate life with ADHD, emphasizing mindfulness and self-connection. Session 6: "Thriving, Not Surviving: Embracing a New Life Beyond ADHD" In the final session, we'll explore how to fully integrate the tools and strategies we've developed into your life. We'll reflect on the journey and look forward to a life characterized not by running and surviving, but by thriving in mindfulness and self-connection.
Target Audience: Individuals
Ideal Age Groups:
Improvement Goals:
Cardiovascular Fitness
Eat Healthier
Energy & Vitality
Feel Better
Healthier Relationships
Healthier Skin
Longevity & Aging
Look Better
Mental Wellbeing
Physical Fitness
Weight Loss
Reduce Stress
Reduce Substance Use
Sexual Health
Sleep Better
Strength & Muscle
Vitamin & Supplements
Area Of Specialty: Emotional Health
Professional Training:
Ayurvedic Practitioner
Body Talk Practitioner
Breathwork Therapist
Emotion Code
Energy Healer
Health Coach
Health Counselor
Life Coach
Medical Doctor
Meditation Teacher
Naturopathic Doctor
Nurse Practitioner
Occupational Therapist
Osteopathic Doctor
Personal Trainer
Physical Therapist
Pilates Instructor
Qi Gong / Tai Chi
Registered Nurse
Reiki Master
Spiritual Leader
TCM Practitioner
Zen Master
EFT Practitioner
Years of experience: 6
Languages Offered:

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