Basics of Building Muscle with Dion

So you wanna get toned, jacked, fit, stronger, muscular, etc. All of these things are just another way of saying, muscle building. And in order to building muscle you have to engage in some sort of resistance training. Which for some of you may be a very daunting endeavor. Or some of you have been and just don't thing you're doing something right.

In any instance I am here to help. I walked into the gym for the first time 23 years ago, and I was hooked from day one. I have tried every training method under the sun. And low and behold, I learned a thing or two. I want to share this with you. I have made the mistakes for you and want to streamline your timeline in getting you to where you want to be.

Muscle Building has been shown to increase metabolism, slow aging, burn more fat, increase nutrient uptake, increase cognitive proficiency. So let's talk.

Quick disclaimer for women reading this. Resistance training is just as vital for you as men. In fact more so. Resistance training not only builds muscle which we know has its own abundance of benefits, but just as importantly, builds bone density. And we all know about osteoporosis in women. So grab a spot with me and let's discuss.

To those a bit older and wiser. It is never too late to weight train. Studies have shown that even beginning weight training in your seventies can bring you the vitality of a person in there forties that doesn't weight train. And that's still pretty darn good. And think of the benefits of that. Not having to depend on other to lift a thing here or there, or reach up into a cabinet, or help you stand up or walk.

Everyone need to build a little muscle. Let's do it.

Price Per Session $: 50
Session Length (in minutes) : 30
Booking Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST) [GMT -5:00]
What to expect in a meeting: We will deep dive into the basics of building muscle and resistance training. As well as address any questions you have, no matter your fitness level.
Improvement Goals:
Cardiovascular Fitness
Eat Healthier
Energy & Vitality
Feel Better
Healthier Relationships
Healthier Skin
Longevity & Aging
Look Better
Mental Wellbeing
Physical Fitness
Weight Loss
Reduce Stress
Reduce Substance Use
Sexual Health
Sleep Better
Strength & Muscle
Vitamin & Supplements
Area Of Specialty: Fitness & Exercise
Professional Training:
Ayurvedic Practitioner
Body Talk Practitioner
Breathwork Therapist
Emotion Code
Energy Healer
Health Coach
Health Counselor
Life Coach
Medical Doctor
Meditation Teacher
Naturopathic Doctor
Nurse Practitioner
Occupational Therapist
Osteopathic Doctor
Personal Trainer
Physical Therapist
Pilates Instructor
Qi Gong / Tai Chi
Registered Nurse
Reiki Master
Spiritual Leader
TCM Practitioner
Zen Master
EFT Practitioner
Certifications: J3 University specialty certification for Physique Athletes
Years of experience: 20

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