Keelin R

Warmest welcomes! My name is Keelin, and it is an absolute pleasure to get to meet you.

I have been working in the Health and Wellness industry for almost 10 years and as a public health professional specializing in maternal and child health for 5 years. I am a certified yoga instructor, dance teacher, Health Coach, Reiki practitioner, and functional nutrition expert.

While I have deep gratitude for the opportunity to gain all of these credentials and letters, and I hope they show true testament to my love of learning and continuing to grow and live my wellness life, it is of utmost importance to my mission that you know and believe in your own unique health and wellness; everyone's journey looks different depending on the day, the season, and the moment in life. My core belief is that each person has all of the tools and knowledge of their bodies and what is wellness to them, and I hope that my sessions will help you to feel empowered to be curious and excited to pursue what health is for you!

I offer Health and Wellness coaching sessions, Functional Nutrition sessions, Yoga classes (Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative, Power, and Pre-Natal), Dance and Recreation sessions, and Meditation and Mindfulness.

I am so happy to be here with you.

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