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JO BAKAL has a passion for facilitating wellness. Jo uses a portfolio of wellness modalities to serve women to enhance their ability to live the life they envision. She helps women who juggle life demands by allowing them to see the value of being number one, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, learning to like who they see in the mirror, and releasing their past so that their true potential can emerge. Jo recognizes the uniqueness of each person and that no single solution works for everyone.

Jo is unique because she has been where you are: Struggling to balance work with life, purpose, and well-being. She experienced the overwhelm of trying to do it all, which inspired her to become a health & wellness coach. Having been a busy corporate professional, Jo understands time constraints and the importance of taking small steps with realistic, achievable goals rather than making drastic changes all at once. Jo has the compassion, empathy, energy, and desire to serve people struggling to live well, whether it is reducing stress, trying to lose weight, or bringing more energy into their day-to-day.

Jo lives in Tampa, Florida, with hubby Walter nee Zev, her amazing dog Lyla, and three fantastic cats, Lou, Lara, and Lua. In addition, Jo has three adult children (David, Sasha married to Chaya, and Katya) in various parts of the world. When they are all in the same city, it brings her tremendous joy to cook and share family meals.

Jo is an NBCHWC National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, NTI Natural Foods Chef, author, licensed massage therapist, Qigong Instructor, and Reiki Instructor. Years of project management experience, coupled with her healing journey, are the key to her ability to help you become your best self. When Jo isn't working, she volunteers time providing massage and reiki to animal rescues, practicing qigong, reading, drawing, or playing with food to create delicious plant-based recipes. Jo's book From My Table to Yours is available on Amazon.com. Jo's current project is opening a wellness B&B retreat and retirement home for senior dogs.

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