Sahara Leigh

Is your response to being asked how you are, any of the following?
'Honestly? I am a fucking mess and barely hanging on.'

If so, great!

Great? you might be asking yourself. How is being unhappy great? Well it shows you that there is room for improvement.

Do you know how many people don't even know they want more out of their lives!

Do you WANT your answer to be different? Maybe something like, 'I am fabulous', 'I am thriving', 'I am really satisfied with life presently'?

If so, let's connect. I specialize in taking people from the meh to the magical. Life is a lot easier than we make it when we can see our patterns clearly and all the ways we sabotage our own happiness. I will teach you how to see your patterning and actually use it to your advantage. We have been sold this lie that if we heal enough, life will be smooth sailing. I call BS. When we heal, we shift our relationship to life's events and how we respond.

There are a number of way I go about doing this, each specific your needs. I have 20+ years of experience ranging from EFT & NLP, to Ayurveda, to Shamanic Healings. Check out my offerings to see what feels right to you or schedule a fee curiosity call with me to see how we can work together.

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