Gracie MacMillan

Hi! I’m Gracie and here’s a little about me…
I love people. I love being apart of someone’s change. I love coaching.

I grew up playing tennis every day as a child. I learned determination, resilience, and hard work at a very young age. My journey as a tennis player lead me to play collegiately at the division 1 and the division 2 levels. Through those years leading up to college athletics as well as my years in college, I learned so much about my body and began to develop a deep love for kinesiology and understanding how our bodies move. I ended up graduating from Coker University with a bachelors in Exercise Science and later on got certified to be a Personal trainer through NASM.

Have you ever heard someone say, “sometimes the players who weren’t the absolute best, make the best coaches.”? I am one of those. I worked really hard at my sport. I trained more than my teammates, I worked harder in the gym, I learned more about my body… but I was not the best on either of the teams I played on. I have always had a “Coaches mind”. I am passionate about health and wellness. I love being able to be apart of other individuals growth whether that be helping them improve their confidence, or helping them achieve their goals in the gym.

I would LOVE to help you achieve your goals. Let’s break down barriers TOGETHER!

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