Flora Kawira

I began studying, testing and implementing holistic health methods in the past ten years when I received challenges, gas-lighting, incompetency, and neglect from the healthcare system.
I studied medicinal herbs, ancient herbs, and alternate health methods in self-treating my ailments that weren't responsive and to mitigate risk from harmful prescriptions I was being given.
I have successfully treated and maintained an incredible quality of life and want to share my expertise and wisdom with others.

I have also recently joined the pharmaceutical industry within the last year as a pharmacy technician and I am in training to become certified. I am currently practicing as a licensed pharmacy technician.
Prior to that I have received my Bachelors of Business Administration and studied, and continue to refine my knowledge in Business Analysis.

I am multidisciplinary and all of that ties into my strategy in analyzing, assessing, researching, testing, planning, and implementing new health regimens.
I am combining these domains and methods using science, clinical pharmacology (clinical pharmacodynamics & clinical pharmacokinetics) in understanding how supplements/drugs are disbursed and metabolized into the body.

I am combining my domain knowledge as a Business Analyst with the research in analyzing, studying, and planning the scope of testing and implementing new health regimens. I conduct root cause analysis as I do not seek to just manage symptoms but to promote healing, and cell regeneration when possible for sustainable results.
I'm passionate about health as this is a daily intentional practice to be healthy, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Health is wealth, and we seek to sustain it. I am also seeking to empower and transform and that is through informing. Information alone isn't enough, I am adding in application and guidance (consultation) and support.

I am specialized especially in treating the digestive system, neuropathy, nervous system, detoxification, skin health, and women’s health.

What I ask of you:
Be thorough, descriptive and transparent as you can be about the symptoms/challenges you are experiencing with your health, and the outcome you would like to achieve.

Understand I am not a doctor, but a consumer and medical professional. I am offering my personal lived experiences; as well as studious nature, and sharing successful outcomes of my rich quality of life and outstanding triumphs I have overcome and have helped others overcome. I am not in lieu of a doctor, or a replacement of a physician. You are still advised to work with your team of medical professionals, and inform them of anything over the counter you are taking, to avoid interactions and ensure safety.

I am in no way shape or form offering cures, or promising specific outcomes. I am sharing the knowledge and wisdom accrued over the last ten years; along with my professional experience and scientific knowledge in hopes of significantly improving your condition, and quality of life. Sometimes that can lead to a cure, or remission in some cases, but progress is the ideal task. Success can be measured in the quality of life.

Outcomes also are likely to be optimal if you are adherent, transparent, cooperative, and consistent in following the regimens, protocols, and recommendations given. Complete the entire course and then review if the regimen worked for you.

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