Eve Stevens

Making meaning while making change

I coach behavior change for individuals, couples, and families, aligning everyday decisions and time management with your vision of a meaningful, healthy life.

I bring a decade of experience coaching individuals and leading personal growth retreats as a ##Unitarian Universalist minister. I'm certified through Duke University as a Health & Wellbeing ##Coach, complimenting my spiritual background with practical tools to help you build sustainable ##change.

I provide

-monastic practices to help you build trust with your own creative electricity, the part of you that is ##very clear on what brings you more alive and has the courage and tenacity to go for it.

-neuroscience-based behavior change strategies and time management tools to get you to your ##goals.

I live in Asheville, NC, I love swimming, sewing, making breakfast breads, hiking with my family, ##and writing for my blog (https://www.anatomyofchange.life/anatomyofchangeblog)

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