Elouise Bove

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor | Mother | Wife | Traveler

  • Professionally, I am a certified mindfulness meditation instructor, trained to guide others on their own transformative journeys. I specialize in creating a supportive space for individuals to explore mindfulness practices, fostering self-awareness, stress reduction, manifesting good intentions, and overall well-being.

  • Through group classes, and one-on-one sessions, I guide others to discover the transformative potential of mindfulness meditation in their lives.

  • Beyond my certification, I continue to deepen my understanding of meditation. I am passionate about sharing the benefits of meditation not only as a practice but as a way of life. As a mother, I embrace the joys and challenges of raising a family, weaving mindfulness into the tapestry of daily life. Parenthood has been my greatest teacher, offering profound lessons in patience, compassion, and the art of being fully present. When I am not teaching, I am also Realtor/licensed real estate agent!

  • Join me on this journey! Let's create a space where we can learn, grow, and support each other on the path to a more loving, peaceful, and fulfilling life.

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