Holistic Dante

My name is Dante Baker. During my childhood, I connected with holistic and metaphysical practitioners who changed people’s lives through their life’s work. Holistic practitioners such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, and herbalists inspired me to teach preventative care measures. Metaphysical practitioners such as psychics, Andean Shamans, Mediums, and Meditation teachers shaped how I define spirituality today.

My first impactful spiritual experience was when I worked with Ayuashca at 19. Various visual experiences taught me the importance of staying center during the chaos. To integrate that lesson, I needed techniques to help me sharpen my focus, stay calm in hectic situations and create peace within. A few months later, I discovered Transcendental Meditation, which completely changed my life. I acquired many certifications in Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Tui Na, Reiki, Tarot Cards, Qi gong, Yoga, and Detoxification. These certifications allow me to help people redesign habits that match their values from a holistic approach. Optimal health and receiving answers from within requires you to regularly practice healthy habits for your mind, body, and spirit.

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