Coach Curtis

Curtis is the proud CEO and owner of ORCVirtual, Inc., a company focused on bringing order to administrative chaos through his successful out-sourcing model of administrative assistance. He is also a successful life coach with over 30 years of experience.

Coach Curtis has coached many people during his career including authors, teachers, attorneys, speakers, singers and musicians, college students, pastors, and more. He is safe, welcoming, and confidential.

Discovering your place in this world is a challenge but can be very rewarding IF you can name it. Curtis helps people weed through the emotional noise, triggers, and traumas so they can see, clearly, their place in this world. He believes all people should be treated as persons of worth and every coaching student will tell you that's EXACTLY how he makes them feel.

Curtis began his professional career as a musician and professional singer. During his time in undergraduate school, he also received certification as a crisis-intervention counselor and has served as a mentor for over 30 years.

He has spent time working in some form of leadership or management for industries such as Real Estate, Real Estate Investing, Banking, Mortgage and Lending, Non-Profits, Churches, Manufacturing, Death Care, Entertainment, and Hospitality.

Curtis was a successful vocal coach for 25+ years with some of his students moving on to graduate positions, Broadway, Pop Artist, and orchestra conductors. He was a guest baritone soloist with the Brevard Symphony Orchestra of Melbourne, Florida.

An often-sought mentor and coach, Curtis specializes in developing processes and procedures for entrepreneurs and business owners/operators, as well as guiding people through the discovery of their purpose in life and their place in this world. His extensive background as a crisis intervention counselor, teacher, and corporate trainer have established Curtis as a master in coaching individuals through some incredible personal and professional success journeys.

He is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and has been instrumental in many lives as they journey to full acceptance of who they are, and their role in this world. "I didn't officially come out until 2009 and I am acutely and painfully aware of all the things and circumstances that push us deeper into the closet. As a gay Christian, I understand the struggles of overcoming stigma." Curtis has turned some very painful personal and professional traumas into his superpower! He can help YOU do the same thing.

Some of the appreciated qualities which he embodies are integrity, confidentiality, and transparency. He is an amazing, effective, and inspiring coach because he cares and his passion is evident.

Curtis is an accredited and certified Life Purpose Coach, Life Coach, NLP Practioner, REBT Coach, Forgiveness Coach, Spiritual Coach, and Cognitive Behavioral Coach.

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