I am a Nutritionist with 9 years in the field who specializes in plant-based nutrition, weight loss, chronic disease management, and behavior change counseling and I've helped hundreds of adults achieve their best health with whole plant foods and mindful eating.

After personally struggling for years with my relationship with food, an all or nothing mindset that caused me to yo-yo with my eating and health goals, and poor digestion and anxiety, I found my freedom through whole food, plant-based nutrition and mindfulness.

Now, I help adults achieve the same confidence and power over their health and weight. Healthy eating doesn't need to be a struggle. I've found that when we eliminate the noise that fad diet culture creates and tune into our own hunger and fullness cues and get back to nourishing our bodies with real plant foods, we effortlessly eat in a beautiful balance without needing to count calories or macros, go on fad diets, or fast, and we don't need to struggle with bingeing or cravings anymore.

Eating becomes effortless. ​Empowering my clients in their nutrition journey is my passion and I am obsessed with seeing my clients confidently step into their next level and reclaim their most vibrant, energetic, and healthiest selves!

It is my mission to help more individuals like you reshape their relationship with food and achieve a balanced and peaceful way of eating. I will help you quit fad diets and ditch the quick fixes and instead encourage you to embrace a whole plant food approach while guiding you to tune into your inner intuitive eater. How is this approach different? It empowers you for a lifetime in its simplicity and sustainability!

Professional background & experience:

-Weight Loss Nutritionist at a Medical Weight Loss Clinic
-Chronic Disease Management + Lifestyle Health Coach at a hospital
-Plant Based Weight Loss Nutritionist at self-employed
-Mindset Coach with a small plant-based nutrition company

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