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Bernadette is a former professional ballet dancer, professional ballet teacher, Professor of Dance and Chairperson of dance for a performing arts high school. She has more than 30 years of experience in the dance and movement field. She a certified Gyrotonic(R) trainer, Pilates instructor, Pilates Rehabilitation Specialist, Certified Prescriptive Stretching Specialist, PBT (Progrssive ballet Technique) Teacher and Exercise Therapy in addition to several other certifications. She has studied anatomy through Stanford University and Unversita di Napoli Federico in addition to Lifestyle Medicine through Doane University. Her undergrad is in Alternative Medicine. She has worked with people with disabilities, rehabilitation and with special needs. Bernadette has led many workshops, seminars and certifications in the dance and movement field. She is the author of several books on health and wellness in addition to movement for those with cancer and chronic conditions, Pilates teacher training and ballet instruction for ballet teachers. She is also a Certified NLP hypontherapist and Holistic health and Wellness Coach. In addition to a Reiki Master.

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