Revolutionary New Wellness Platform ‘Well Me Right’ Launches Connecting Individuals with the World’s Leading Wellness Experts For Virtual Calls & Support

Well Me Right

Hundreds of vetted experts in diet, nutrition, supplements, beauty, fitness, mindfulness and more are available for 1:1 virtual coaching & support

Erie, PA

Well Me Right is an exciting new wellness marketplace that connects the world's leading Wellness Experts with a community of individual Members seeking personalized guidance and support on health topics like diet, nutrition, supplements, fitness, mindfulness and more for paid one-on-one virtual video calls.

The platform went live this week with hundreds of leading highly trained and certified wellness professionals offering over 350 unique topic-focused wellness sessions. New offerings are being added daily and it is free to join. Never before has it been so easy and affordable to discover and connect with leading health & wellness experts.

"We know how difficult it can be to get answers and support to challenging personal health and wellness questions. We seek to simplify wellness and healthy living by educating, supporting, and inspiring one another to live healthier, fit, happier, and more fulfilled lives anchored in wellness. Our goal with this platform is to democratize access to wellness information and expertise by giving everyone access to the greatest minds, professionals, educators, and experts in wellness and healthy living." Said the company.

The Well Me Right team has worked hard over the past several months to identify and onboard a diverse assortment of knowledgeable expert talent that are excited to grow and connect with their member community. These experts have immense value to offer and there is a real need for this kind of guidance and support in the wellness community.

Well Me Right is a first-of-its-kind platform for certified wellness practitioners, coaches, trainers, teachers, and more. There is something for everyone on Well Me Right, supporting over twenty-four unique improvement goals ranging from weight loss to emotional wellness offered by dozens of certified wellness professionals.

"We knew when we started building this we were onto something special. Our initial Wellness Experts made it clear there was nothing like this on the market. Prior to Well Me Right these wellness professionals were forced to use a disconnected network of tools and platforms to market their services with varying results that made it nearly impossible for the majority of consumers to ever discover let alone connect with them. Now with the Well Me Right platform, there is finally a centralized marketplace and community for these experts to offer their unique services and monetize their knowledge and training like never before." Said the company.

Healthy living can be difficult and wellness is a complicated and highly personalized never-ending journey. With any journey having an expert guide who can answer questions and help point you in the right direction is paramount to avoiding missteps and arriving at a successful outcome. A one size fits all approach of searching online and reading blogs and social media posts sometimes just won't cut it.

Well Me Right also recognizes that keeping our bodies healthy is just the start. If we don't keep our planet healthy too we won't have much to live for. That's why they donate 1% of profits through their Well (our) Planet Right initiative to sustainability through carbon offset programs to help scale emerging carbon removal technologies.

Well Me Right is free to join and book Wellness Experts on demand. Most experts are standing by and available for same-day appointments. Experts must apply first to be vetted and approved and pay nothing to sign up or list their services mitigating the risk of participating like on other fee-based platforms. Well Me Right takes a small commission only on booked paid sessions which are currently being waived during their introductory launch period through October 5th. If you are a wellness professional looking to help others you can apply to list your services at and if you are an individual looking for a bit of help with your wellness goals be sure to check out their offerings, they offer a happiness guarantee to go with every booking.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as they build out their technology and suite of services and solutions geared specifically at connecting leading Wellness Experts with the broader wellness community.

For more information or to get in touch email the Well Me Right team.