Now Offering Free Discovery Intro Wellness Sessions on Well Me Right

Free discovery wellness session

Sometimes you want to try before you buy… that's why we are introducing FREE discovery intro wellness sessions on Well Me Right. Free discovery sessions are designed to give you an opportunity to meet with and get to know a Wellness Expert before you book your first paid wellness session with them. We recognize that it can be a lot to purchase a session with an expert you haven’t met or spoken with and you might want to get to know your expert a little before you make a paid commitment.

What is a discovery session?

A discovery session is a session where a Wellness Expert offers a Member the opportunity to have a short introductory call to help discover what their current challenges are and explore whether they can support you in solving those challenges. These calls are typically 10-15 minutes long and are not intended to replace an actual wellness session.

What to expect during your discovery session?

In a discovery session, the Wellness Expert will listen and ask questions. These are designed to be interactive the goal is to discover where you are struggling and what you want to see happen next. You and the Wellness Expert will meet for 10-15 minutes and have a casual conversation about what you are looking for and how the expert might help you with one of their paid virtual 1:1 wellness sessions offered on Well Me right.

How do I know if the expert offers a free discovery session?

When browsing expert sessions you can filter for sessions where the expert will provide a free discovery session using the filter options. You will also see under the session description on the session booking page a field called 'Offers Free Discovery Session' which will indicate if you are able to contact the expert to book a free session or if the expert only offers pre-booking support via messaging at this time. We encourage experts to offer free discovery sessions whenever possible to help you get to know them a little before you commit to a paid session.

Filter for experts who offer free discovery calls as a part of their session offering
Filter for experts who offer free discovery calls as a part of their session offering

How do I book a free discovery session?

If the Expert offers a free discovery session it will be identified on their session listing. You can request to book a free discovery session by contacting the Expert through Well Me Right and the Expert will communicate with you to find a time that works for your schedule to conduct your free discovery session. You can find the contact button on the session page as well as the Expert's profile page. All contact messages are sent securely and privately through Well Me Right. You should not contact the Expert outside of Well Me Right except for the purpose of conducting a booked session with the Expert. Please note free discovery sessions do not currently offer calendar booking. You will need to message the expert to book the free discovery call at a mutually agreeable time.

Look for indication on the session page to see if the expert is offering a free discovery call
Look for the indication on the session page to see if the expert is offering a free discovery call

What happens after my free discovery session?

After your session, you will have the opportunity to book a paid wellness session with your expert. You can discuss what session would be best for you or browse the experts offering directly.

Do all Wellness Experts offer free discovery sessions?

Wellness Experts are not required to offer free discovery sessions however we do encourage it. If the Expert indicates they do not offer free discovery sessions you can always reach out and contact the expert via a message to ask any questions or learn more about the expert and their offering before booking a paid session.