5 Reasons Why Virtual Wellness is the Future of Digital Health

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Introduction: The benefits of virtual wellness and telehealth and how it works

Telehealth is a way to get wellness care without having to visit a professional's office. It allows you to see and talk with a provider using a video chat or phone call, so you don't have to leave your home.

Telehealth is changing the way we take care of our health and get access to wellness information and support. It can help people who live in rural areas where there are a limited number of wellness experts available, and it can also be used for people who are unable to travel.

There are numerous benefits to leveraging technology to improve access and reach of wellness here are some that we found most noteworthy.

1) Avoid travel anxiety or having to miss work

In the past, people had to travel long distances to communicate with people on a daily basis. Whether that be a co-worker or a professional consultant or a care provider. Nowadays, we can communicate with them through video chat or phone calls with relative ease. In the future, it is possible that we will be able to use technologies like virtual reality (VR) for communication. With this technology, it is possible for people in different locations to have a face-to-face conversations by wearing VR headsets and using hand gestures. This technology has already been used in the wellness field and is now being used in remote work environments too.

2) Save money (and time) on gas or public transportation

Every day, people spend hours on their commute to work and other appointments. They might have to get up early and leave the house in the dark. They might have to deal with traffic jams or long lines at the bus stop. We can't be everywhere at once and this limitation often forces us to make sacrifices like missing family and other important events.  

Think about all the time and money you get back when you can hop on a call with a provider and avoid the travel time and expense to meet your provider in person.

3) Increased access to care for rural persons who don't have long-term relationships with a Wellness Expert nearby

Rural areas often have a shortage of wellness professionals and specialists. This is because the population in these areas is usually lower than in urban areas and there are not enough experts to cover all the population.

The same problem still exists today. Expertise is scarce no matter where you live, but especially in rural areas.  With virtual wellness, more people can access care and get help from a specialist without having to travel to a major city or wait for an expert to come to their town. Telehealth also reduces wellness care costs by providing care remotely instead of requiring people to travel for treatment.

4) People feel less vulnerable and intrusive when communicating through screens rather than face-to-face with a Wellness Expert they don't know well

Studies show people feel less vulnerable and intrusive when communicating through screens rather than face-to-face with a caregiver. One reason is that people feel less vulnerable and intrusive because they are able to see the expert in a more controlled environment and make sure that they are not being judged by their appearance or anything else.

5) Reduce pressure on the local healthcare system by opening up preventative wellness to more individuals.

The healthcare system is overburdened and understaffed. One of the solutions to this problem is to provide preventative virtual wellness services. Virtual preventative wellness services can help people stay healthy by providing them with personalized advice and information about their health. They can also serve as a platform for patients to discuss their health care concerns with an expert in real-time.

With the help of virtual wellness, we can be proactive in our health and stay healthy. This will reduce the burden on the healthcare system and allow doctors to focus more on those who are sick instead of those who are just trying to avoid getting sick.

Virtual wellness environments are also unique because they provide personalized care for each person who enters them, meaning that they are tailored specifically for the individual’s needs and interests.

Conclusion & Takeaways

Virtual wellness and telehealth is an emerging field with a lot of potential benefits. With the help of telehealth, people can get their wellness care without having to worry about time or commute, make more time for work or family, save transportation costs,  expand access to rural locations where expertise is more scarce and reduce strain on the local healthcare system by opening up preventative wellness to more individuals.

Virtual wellness is the future of health. It expands care, saves money, and creates access to wellness care for all. Well Me Right is leveraging telehealth benefits to connect Wellness Experts across all areas of holistic care, mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, and more at scale via the latest technology. We are excited to be part of the future of digital wellness and as technology evolves we will continue to leverage new and exciting applications for wellness advice and support from the worlds leading Wellness Experts.