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Yeliena Theofilatos (LMSW) is an Anxiety Hypnotherapist and Coach. In 2021, she founded My Blooming Heart Hypnotherapy & Coaching to work with ladies entrepreneurs and provide bespoke hypnotherapy journeys that she has been creating from scratch (no scripts!) for each client to honor her existing strengths and teach her new skills.

While that specialization has brought Yeliena much joy and proved to be the right path to take to stand out in the crowd of hypnotherapists and coaches online, Yeliena has always been working with a wide range of requests/concerns such as habit cessation, depression, confidence, etc.

So feel free to check in with her even if you are not a female business owner and what you are coming with is something else but anxiety.

(you can find her female entrepreneurs-oriented packages here:

About Yeliena:

In 2010, Yeliena came to NYC at the age of 20 from Russia and decided to stay to start a new life and a new dream, to become a psychotherapist.

Just before the pandemic of 2020 hit, fresh out of grad school, she left the city with the diploma and yet another dream that led her to the Big Island of Hawai’i where she currently resides.

Truly, Yeliena has never seen herself becoming an entrepreneur but the hiring freeze on all the social work professions gave her no choice but to 1. start her garden. 2. dive back into studying.

She took a course in hypnotherapy that made her fall in love with that modality so deeply that she had to open her own business!

Her approach is solution-focused which means she is less interested in digging around the problem and more in evoking her client’s capabilities that are already present within them but are underutilized. 

Yeliena sees her clients as experts on themselves while she brings her expertise in hypnotherapy for anxiety so that together they are one unstoppable team!

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