Opious Soul by Tiana Rose

I spent my early years in the education field as a kindergarten and second-grade teacher, then moved in a role as a reading specialist and dyslexia practitioner.
I’m passionate about helping others through a journey of bettering themselves and healing because I’ve learned that one person or team of people can really change someone’s life. I believe that with the right mindset, support, and hard work you can do anything you desire. I’m at my best and shinning my brightest when I can send my love and light to others. It is my greatest intention to uplift and guide anyone I can. I want to help you understand how much power you hold within, and all you can have in this lifetime.

I recently left the field of education to pursue a career in holistic health, nutrition, and fitness. I left after 7 years to began this journey shortly after I got certified in Reiki because I felt the strong pull into this field. I am a Master Reiki Practitioner and also hold additional certifications in Crystal Reiki, Color Therapy Reiki and Yoga. I’m very passionate about what I do and I want nothing more than to spread as much love and healing light as I can. I would love the opportunity to discuss your program and if I could be of assistance in uplifting and healing others.
Some of my hobbies and interests include but are not limited to; learning, painting, crafting, drawing, reading, pulling cards, gardening, working with crystals, moving my body through fitness, and running outdoors. I love spending time with my amazing fiancé Alex, my wonderful family and friends, and my three fur babies Ollie, Benny, and Zeke.

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