Hello, my name is Rose. I am a lifelong student and lover of the plant devas, and have been practicing Community and Medical Herbalism since 2016. My first memories of the use of herbs was through my Croatian grandmother who used tea blends to remedy everyday ailments. I earned my formal training in Medical Herbalism from Botano Logos School of Herbal Studies in the beautiful mountains of the southern Appalachians. I am an advocate of humanitarian practices in wellness, as well as a firm believer in the innate wisdom held by the human body to heal and maintain health without harsh intervention.

My mission as a Community Herbalist is to provide the individual with advice and recommendations with a high standard of ethical considerations. I put empathy and compassion at the forefront in working with my clients to assist them in aligning with the freshest, most vital version of themselves. My training reflects principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western and Central American Herbalism, as well as aspects of nutrition, body work and guided meditation. In addition to formal training, I thrive on learning through travel and am currently studying the plantas sagradas of Oaxaca, Mexico.

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