Robert Tipinski (Beast body training)

I have been a personal trainer for over 25 years. I have trained with every type of athlete out there . I also train many individuals just looking to find the best version of themselves physically, nutritionally, and mentally.

Our inner body is just as important as our exterior therefore nutrition is extremely important. As a certified nutritionist I help my clients with a custom meal plan designed for each body type and needs. No fad diets, no cookie cutter food plans. Success with food choices and meal plans must be attainable so that you can maintain it for your entire life . I can help you meet those goals and educate you on how to maintain it in the future.

Physical fitness is not only a passion of mine it’s a way of life. I have taken my experiences and knowledge to a level that has helped many others. As a motivational speaker I have helped countless people work through barriers and self defeats to reach their goals and break down walls they never knew existed. I truly love helping people be their best self every single day.

My knowledge is built on years of experience and formative education. Over the 25 years I have competed in many different sports from wrestling to body building, boxing, MMA fighting, Krav Maga and personal tactical training. This range of experience is what I use every day to help my clients and I would use help you. Your success is my success. My drive is your drive. Being the the best version of yourself today, makes a better tomorrow and an even greater future. This is what I want for you and I want to help you attain it.

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