Dr. Olivia Valdez, ND

Hello my fellow wellness community members!
My name is Dr. Olivia. I am a California native and received my BA in Psychology and my Minor in Nutritional Science from Chapman University in Orange, CA. In my quest to connect the healing of mind and body, I went on to pursue a 4-year doctorate in naturopathic medicine and graduated with honors from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences (now Sonoran University) in Tempe, AZ. So yes, I am a licensed physician in my state of residence AND look to counsel you not only with my knowledge and training, but also with my own life experiences.
I have a passion for many different areas of wellness and the way in which we, as human beings, can become the most resilient and grace-full as we face all of life's trials and tribulations. As a former militant perfectionist with a history of disordered eating behavior and rampant people-pleasing, I know how disheartening it can be to feel like you'll never reach your "____ Self." (Examples may include but are definitely not limited to: prettiest, smartest, calmest, skinniest, strongest, etc.) These are thoughts that ALL humans suffer with, no matter what someone might try to tell you. But in this life, we are each our own greatest gifts and sometimes, all it takes is one person to love and believe in you to show you how to love and believe in Yourself.
I like to work via a "ground-up" approach, starting with the physical pillars of health and building from there into the mental/emotional, relational, and spiritual. These will be dependent on your unique concerns, needs, and goals and will be different for each person. Through this platform, I have created an Initial Consult Single Wellnes Package & Follow Up Single Wellness package. Initial consults are for new clients and follow ups are for additional progress checks. Please sign up for the one pertinent to your situation. I intend on creating 3-month packages in the future, as well, so look out for these!
I am trained in a wide spectrum of wellness modalities, a combination of which I will include in your treatment plan. These include but are not limited to targeted supplementation, botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutrition education, Reiki, and stress management techniques.

I also have a passion for Ego/Shadow integration: reframing and re-connecting with the parts of ourselves that cause us fear or shame. This work allows us to transform seemingly negative aspects into positive energies that serve us and strengthen the way we show up in our relationships and our lives.

Overall, my goal is to create a supportive and trusting connection between us, as I hold a conscious and compassionate space for you to be seen and feel heard. Even through the most challenging of times, I want to empower you to be the healthiest and most joyful version of yourself.
Thanks for reading, I'm so excited to meet you and help facilitate your journey!

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I cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible support and healing I received from Dr. Valdez, in dealing with my anxiety. It has been a life-changing experience, and I am eternally grateful for her expertise and compassionate care.